The Wandering Forest

A Fragment of The Signal
29 Feb 2016

I’m Vaux, an Informed Jack who Tells Tales.

Several travellers entered The Wandering Forest, though they had no idea how. It’s doubtful they even know what The Forest is or even that they are now inside it.

One group, travelling the Sea of Storms by boat, found themselves surrounded by a thick fog. When the fog lifted, they were in The Forest. They met another traveller, a Nameless young woman with no memory. They decided to travel this strange place together.

An odd little wanderer urged them to follow “his” trail to the West, believing it to be the only way out of The Forest and back to the Steadfast. A friendly hermit told them that treasure, and possibly a way out of the forest, could be found deep within the pyramid to the North. He warned them that the pyramid was dangerous, urging them to use caution.

The party made their way into the strange, inverted glass pyramid. After swatting a few Chance Moths and making their way across a constantly changing chasm, the group decided to take a break before delving deeper.



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